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There are five objectives of the CPFM program:

    1. Establish financial management as a recognised profession.
    2. Identify the role of financial management.
    3. Develop higher academic standards.
    4. Establish an objective measure of an individual's knowledge and expertise in financial management; and
    5. Encourage continued professional development for financial managers.

The CPFM program recognises the specific qualifications and expertise of financial managers. The CPFM designation affords the opportunity to validate your expertise in this area.


To be able to apply for the CPFM diploma candidates must satisfy educational and experience requirements.

      1. Hold a degree/diploma in a management-related area, from a recognised college or university. All transcripts must be submitted in English and show the official seal of the college or university.
      2. Apply for admission into the certification program.
      3. Pass the three CPFM certification parts or be granted exemptions.
      4. Have relevant work experience and satisfy the following requirements:
        • Have three years' experience in a commercial, management or financial environment, or
        • Have spent at least three years in academia in similar areas.


Part 1: Financial Management and Analysis 5,000-word thesis

Part 2: Corporate Finance 7,500-word thesis

Part 3: Options, Futures and Other Derivatives 10,000-word thesis


Part 1: GBP 240

Part 2: GBP 330

Part 3: GBP 350

All three parts: GBP 827

Flexible Fees. Pay 50% of the fees upfront and the balance on completion of the course.


Applicants with other academic/professional certificates can obtain an exemption from the first two parts. There are no exemptions from the Part 3.


      • The advantage of using the letters CPFM, which are internationally recognised as a UK qualification.
      • Increased confidence and pride.
      • Increased ability to manage a complex financial operation.
      • Demonstration of commitment to the profession.
      • Enhanced employment opportunities.


Apply to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.