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The cost of the course includes the cost of the best-selling textbooks for the course. Textbooks are not supplied where exemptions are claimed. No reduction in fees can be claimed in respect of exemptions.

The cost of the degree course is USD 4,480. A discount of 15% is given for payment in advance. For payments in instalments, we recommend an initial payment of USD 1,000, followed by further similar payments after six months and 12 months and the final payment on completion of the course. We do not give out signed transcripts or degree certificates until fees have been paid in full.

IPFM is not allowed to issue degree certificates and so we will arrange to have the course validated by a university on the UNESCO list of approved universities ie the approved university will issue its own degree certificate.

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SWIFT transfer

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International Money Transfer, Bitcoin


Payment can be paid in instalments.

We also run master degree and PhD courses.